Thursday, 29 March 2018

Look at the Time!

Oh. So it's been about three years since I've posted a blog.

That's bad.

But I've been busy!

In full swing as a Pilates instructor, which I love. It's the greatest. And I just got some feedback from one of my clients, and it made me feel like a million bucks. So thank you, student and friend. I appreciate you.

But things continue to move on and change.

I've spent a few years really working the bugs out of my life, and hopefully creating some room for things both new (new activities and ideas) and old (dusting off some of the things I love that I've ignored for a while).

Change is all around. And I'm inspired to blog again by a friend of mine who's made the leap from FB to his own hosted site. Well done, sir. I commend your decision.

I expect that I'll stay on FB so I can see pictures of the people I care about. But I also suspect that I'll be spending less and less time there. For various reasons.

More soon...